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Solo escape. Make the most of this day and become the priority. Congratulations for taking care of your well-being! Treat yourself to a tailored to your needs and tastes experience.

Solo program suggestions 

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Here, love suspends time, for the sake of lovebirds. Let go of everything else, to better connect with each other. Nature scenery leads to closeness. So what about slowing down a moment, to really enjoy the romance?

Duo program suggestions 

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A healthy mind in a healthy body. By integrating thermotherapy into your active routine, improve your training and make it easier to meet your goals! Always on the move? We thought of you when we created our new activity programs. Sportsmen, to your swimsuits!

Athletes program suggestions 

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Nine months goes by quickly… What if we stop time here and now?
A well-deserved break to take care of yourself and your belly!
Sweets, rest and treats are waiting for you.

Mom to be program suggestions

  • Reserve your well-deserved break on our calendar
  • Treat yourself to a massage, specific to pregnant women
  • Choose a body care that would do you good
  • Have a snack at Bistro Zen
  • Take a nap
  • Let the Ofuro team pamper you
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Stop! Take a break. And, why not with friends? Let’s put relaxation and simplicity in the spotlight for once. Let our team take care of you. We bet you’ll have plenty to tell after this great experience…

With friends program suggestions 

  • Choose a date with close friends
  • Share a snack at Bistro Zen
  • Participate in one of our workshops
  • Experiment the thermal cycle
  • Immortalize the day with a private outdoors Zen yoga session
  • Finish the evening around a camp fire
  • Smile, while remembering details of this wonderful day
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Ofuro offers tailor-made experiences for your group activities. Team building day, bachelor party, lake on the shoulder, etc. Tell us what you would like and we will suggest a custom combination of activities that meets your needs.

Offered services

  • Conference Room Rental
  • Accommodation in 5 double bed suites
  • Catering service
  • Activities (yoga, workshops, walking trails, etc.)
  • Corporate Card 
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